How to add a dashcam clip to your feedback

Dashcam makes it super easy to capture the steps to reproduce bugs and add context to your feedback. This guide will walk you through installing Dashcam to use during a bug bash.

Install Dashcam

Download the Dashcam client for Mac and Windows at It’s free, and you can try it without signing up.

Join a bash!

Join a bash. Follow the instructions and keep a lookout for strange behavior.

Create a clip

Whenever you encounter a bug or something strange happens, create a Dashcam clip! You can follow the guide here to learn more about creating a Dashcam clip.

Upload the clip

Upload the clip to (You may need to make an account.).

Share the clip

Then, use the share dropdown to enable public sharing (1), and copy the markdown code (2).

Embed the clip in your topic

Paste the Dashcam markdown in your topic. You should see a preview image on the right side. That’s it!