About the Blockbench bug bash

Help test Blockbench!

Blockbench is a free, modern model editor for low-poly and boxy models with pixel art textures. Models can be exported into standardized formats to be shared, rendered, 3D-printed, or used in game engines. There are also multiple dedicated formats for Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition with format-specific features.

Blockbench is seeking feedback on their low-poly modeling software.

Reporting Feedback

As usual, make a new topic to report any feedback or bugs. Be sure to attach Dashcam clips!


Testing Guide

Shift doesn’t have a singular flow, so do some exploratory testing. Download the app and try to imagine yourself using it as your primary browser.

We recommend spending at least 15 minutes trying Shift.

  1. Download Blockbench for your OS
  2. Follow the low-poly modeling tutorial (video)
  3. Install some Blockbench plugins