How to submit feedback to a bug bash

Make a New Topic

Create a New Topic in the category of your chosen bug bash. Every piece of feedback should be a new topic!

Fill out topic details

You’ll see a form pop up. Enter a title for your topic (typically a short description of the issue or feedback).

Try to describe your issue the best you can in the post body. Remember, feedback is welcome, not just bugs and crashes. Even if you were confused or something went slightly wrong, that’s great feedback!

Attach a Dashcam Clip

The best way to add context to your feedback is with Dashcam. With Dashcam, you won’t need to describe complicated steps to reproduce; you can simply capture and share a video clip of your screen instantly.

Dashcam is a sponsor of the BugBashes community.

For more on attaching Dashcam clips, check out this topic:

Add a Description

Along with a Dashcam clip, you should include some text description and answers to any specific questions a bug bash might ask about. Good product feedback should be specific, detailed, and actionable. Here are some key elements that make up good product feedback:

  1. Specific: The feedback should be clear and specific about the problem or issue the user is facing. It should not be vague or general.
  2. Detailed: The feedback should provide enough details to help the product team understand the context and the impact of the problem. For example, if the user is experiencing a bug, they should describe the steps they took to reproduce the issue, the error message they received, and the impact it had on their workflow.
  3. Actionable: The feedback should include suggestions or recommendations for how to improve the product. This could be in the form of feature requests, bug fixes, or usability improvements.
  4. Timely: The feedback should be given as soon as possible after the user encounters the problem. This will help the product team address the issue more quickly and efficiently.
  5. Respectful: The feedback should be given in a respectful and constructive manner. It should not include personal attacks or insults.
  6. Prioritized: If there are multiple issues to report, prioritize the most critical ones first.
  7. User-centered: Feedback should be framed from the perspective of the user and the user’s experience with the product, not what the user thinks the product should do. Bugs, not feature requests.