Shift bug bash details

Help test the Shift App!

Shift was designed for anyone who performs the majority of their work online, especially for those who manage multiple emails and web apps. It is a desktop application that can be used to connect multiple emails and web apps in a single, easy-to-use platform. Whether you’re using one email account and one app, 50 email accounts and 50 apps, or anywhere above and in between, Shift is the productivity tool for you!

Shift is looking for feedback on their new productivity app. It is like a browser with desktop apps built in, unique and incredibly useful.

Reporting Feedback

As usual, make a new topic to report any feedback or bugs. Be sure to attach Dashcam clips!


Testing Guide

Shift doesn’t have a singular linear flow, so do some exploratory testing. Download the app and try to imagine yourself using it as your primary browser.

We recommend spending at least 15 minutes trying Shift.

  1. Download Shift for your OS
  2. Import your bookmarks
  3. Add your favorite web applications to Shift
  4. Add your email account to Shift
  5. Install your favorite Chrome extension
  6. Try the Quick Switcher
  7. Try the browser