Testimonial.to bug bash details

Help test Testimonial.to new Chrome Extension

Testimonial Chrome extension allows you to easily collect testimonials from all over the web with just a few clicks: :rocket: PH comments and reviews :bird: Twitter tweet :luggage: LinkedIn recommendations, posts, and comments :writing_hand: Any highlighted text. :foggy: Any screenshot.
Testimonial is looking for feedback on their new productivity app. This product is like a browser with desktop apps built in. It’s really unlike anything else.

Reporting Feedback

As always, we’re looking for bugs and feedback: anything that looks wrong, did something different than expected, or is simply broken. As usual, make a new topic to report any feedback or bugs. Be sure to attach Dashcam clips!


Testing Guide

We recommend spending at least 15 minutes trying the new Chrome Extension.

  1. Sign up for Testimonial.to
  2. Install the Testimonial Chrome Extension
  3. Create a text testimonial
  4. Create an image testimonial
  5. Play around with the rest of testimonial.to!