Notes: Pasted table not formatted

What went wrong?

If you copy and paste a table into a Note, the table will not be formatted. Whereas if you use the clipper extension for Chrome to download the same text as a Markdown file into your vault, the table will be displayed correctly.

The only issue with the downloaded Markdown file is that the text “Does not appear” will appear in the upper left cell of the table, instead of an empty cell.

See Capture information - Obsidian Help and Advanced formatting syntax - Obsidian Help for Tables.


  1. copy the table with preceding paragraph from the Wikipedia source below
  2. paste it into a Note
  3. observe that the table will not be formatted

Expected Result:
The pasted table should be formatted correctly.

Wikipedia source: Row (database) - Wikipedia

Product Version: Obsidian v1.2.8

Windows 10 Chrome

Dashcam Clip

Google Chrome - Row (database) - Wikipedia - Google Chrome

Watch Google Chrome - Row (database) - Wikipedia - Google Chrome on Dashcam