Notes: Clipped downloaded Markdown doesn't display image

What went wrong?

If you use the clipper extension to download text with an image as a Markdown file into your vault, the image will appear as broken and raw code will be displayed. Whereas if you copy and paste the text with image into a Note, the image will display correctly.

See Capture information - Obsidian Help


  1. copy the first section with image from the Wikipedia source below
  2. using the clipper extension download it as a Markdown file into your vault
  3. observe that a broken image will be displayed and raw code

Expected Result:
The image should be displayed correctly with no raw code.

Wikipedia source: Bird - Wikipedia

Product Version: Obsidian v1.2.8

Windows 10 Chrome

Dashcam Clip

Watch Obsidian - Bird with footnote & image (paste) - Bird Vault - Obsidian v1.2.8 on Dashcam