Help: Icons should be referred to instead of short cut keys

What went wrong?

Through out the Help documentation, short cut keys are used for the actions instead of the icons that appear in the UI of the app. Users are not necessarily going to know, or remember, what actions and icons these short cut keys refer to.

For instance, in the Help for ‘Create your first note’ the user is told to ‘Press Ctrl+N’ instead of clicking on the ‘New note’ icon at the top of the left pane.


  1. open the Help at the URL below
  2. observe that the short cut key is referred to instead of the icon

Expected Result:
It would be better for users if the icons in the app were referred to through out the documentation, with the icon images shown. The short cut keys could still be included after the icon descriptions. Also it would be helpful if the documentation contained pictures of the app showing the icon locations.

URL: Create your first note - Obsidian Help

Product Version: Obsidian v1.2.8

Dashcam Clip

Obsidian - Isaac Newton - Obsidian Main Vault - Obsidian v1.2.8

Watch Obsidian - Isaac Newton - Obsidian Main Vault - Obsidian v1.2.8 on Dashcam