Zulip: User List sidebar is not toggle-able unless zoomed in

What went wrong?
For most if not all projects I’ve worked on, I’ve had to use Slack or Teams as the main communication app. In Slack, the left channels side bar size can be adjusted and even toggled off the window entirely giving users the ability to customize it according to their needs. In Zulip, however, the left stream/topic sidebar size cannot be adjusted at all and the right sidebar can be toggled only if the user is zoomed in as shown in the Zulip dashcam. Though it doesn’t affect any of the functionality of the app, it definitely affects the UX aspect of it unless the user is working off of a large screen. Stream/topic names as well as user names that are too long to fit in the given width are cut off and truncated with “…” which wouldn’t be necessary at all if the width of either sidebars could be adjusted.

Steps to repro:

  1. Click on View > Zoom In several times until the User List button shows on the top-right corner of the window.
  2. Click on the button or type cmd + u (ctrl + u on Windows) to toggle the User List only when zoomed in.


  • Adjustable widths for both the left and right sidebars would be ideal.
  • Alternatively, showing the User List button regardless of screen size as well as another Stream/Topic List button would be useful as well.

Dashcam Clip
Zulip Clip
Zulip - Zulip - Zulip Community

Watch Zulip - Zulip - Zulip Community on Dashcam

Slack Example
Slack - Andrew Hunsaker - device42 - Slack

Watch Slack - Andrew Hunsaker - device42 - Slack on Dashcam