Vault Switcher: When mousing over 3 dot menu the tooltip switches repeatedly

What went wrong?

When mousing over the kebab (3 dot) menu in the Vault Switcher the tooltip switches repeatedly. The full path is displayed but it disappears so quickly, and is replaced with ‘More options’, that it’s not possible to read the path. It appears that the tooltip for the vault and the 3 dot menu are colliding.


  1. open the Vault Switcher
  2. ensure you’ve created more than one vault
  3. in the left pane mouse over the kebab (3 dot) menu for the first vault
  4. then mouse over the kebab menu for the second vault
  5. observe that the tooltip switches quickly and the path is unreadable

Expected Result:
The tooltip should not switch when mousing over the kebab menu. Perhaps adding the full path as an option on the kebab menu, instead of displaying it as a tooltip for the vault, would help to resolve this.

OS: Windows 10

Product Version: Obsidian 1.2.7

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