Signing out from success screen does not seem to sign the user out

What went wrong?

I tried to sign out from the sign-in success screen, but I was not signed out of the extension. Suggest that this works as expected.

Dashcam Clip

Google Chrome - _crx_gojdbimennlpdoagkgongbdecafpccim

Watch Google Chrome - _crx_gojdbimennlpdoagkgongbdecafpccim on Dashcam

Useful Information

User may have been signed out from backend ok
After signing out from sign-in success screen, the chrome extension still shows sign-out button, as detailed above. However, when the user signs out from the chrome extension and signs-in again, the user has to make additional confirmations. Indicating that the user was signed out from the back-end ok but the extension pop-dialog hadn’t been updated.