Raycast - Opening settings window in non-desktop space causes switch to desktop space without settings window

What went wrong?
I tend to work with full-screen Spaces on my mac and I while I was trying to set up the Raycast Github extension on a full-screen space with my browser open as a space, I noticed that the focus switches to the main Desktop space even though the settings/extensions window open in the browser space. I would rather Raycast switch me over to a Desktop space AND open the settings window there so I don’t have to switch back to the browser space.
Steps to repro:

  1. Open up a browser in full screen on a mac creating a new space.
  2. Switch over to the browser space from #1 and open up Raycast (cmd + space for me; could be different).
  3. Type “extensions” or “settings” then hit enter to open the Raycast extensions/settings window.
  • Open a extensions/settings window in the main desktop space and switch over to said space.


  • Opens the extensions/settings window in the browser space from step 1 but switches the focus to the desktop space.
  • This isn’t limited to just the extensions/settings window, it’s basically opening any Raycast window that causes this.
  • Also happens when using the cmd + , function to open settings.


  • I’ve come across several apps such as OpenVPN on macs that do this while others behave in the expected way. I think that in terms of workflow, switching to the desktop space THEN opening the window there makes more sense. Otherwise, users would need to switch back to the original space where they tried to open the extension/settings window. Users could be working with a large number of spaces and the problem compounds if they’re using multiple screens.

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