Blockbench: Edit > Mesh > Merge Meshes causes merged mesh to lose its original location

What went wrong?
Merging meshes removes one of the mesh from the Outliner by merging them into the top-most mesh. Undoing Merge mesh i.e cmd + z (ctrl + z on Windows) returns the merged and now disappeared mesh back into the bottom of the Outliner instead of its original location. In this dashcam footage, the mesh that was root/back_right_wheel/cylinder becomes root/cylinder.
Steps to repro:

  1. Select 2 or more meshes located in different groups.
  2. Click Edit > Mesh > Merge Meshes to merge meshes into top-most mesh.
  3. Either click Edit > Undo or cmd + z (ctrl + z on Windows) to undo step 2.
  • Merged meshes become un-merged and back in their original groups.
  • Merged and removed meshes are added back to Outlines but at the lowest group location.


  • Returning previously merged meshes back to their original groups would be ideal. Users could more easily undo their accidental merges. If the groups hierarchy is complicated with meshes located in varying groups, this could cause a lot of problems for users who accidentally merged meshes who’d want to undo their mistake.

Dashcam Clip
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